India! my beloved motherland , know for its exquisite tradition and culture, but along with it the Indians themselves are very well known for their culture bound nature.

sarcastically, we take our  culture and traditions so solemnly that , we forget to realise the rights and wrongs in it.

today we happen to come across a lots of burning issues and hot topics to debate related to environment and politics and what not , but what about the social evils that yet till date happened to prevail in our country. why do we turn a wilful blind eye to them? is it because ourselves or our family might have not yet been victimised by it , or is it the other way round that we are ourselves the culprits.

moreover,  the population of the country is addicted to dwelling in misconception, and this is primarily because of the prejudice the is in built, besides the lack of education plays a vital role as well. here the thoughts of neighbours and people we hardly known are cared about , but the likes and dislikes of their own family members specially females and children worth not a penny.

till date the female child is deprived of education, and even if she is being educated , she receives a second class treatment in all respect of life as compared to a male child of the same family. when it comes to marriage , dowry still prevails and females act as atm machines as a couple of slaps and kicks gets the money in the hands of the jerk who thinks dominating his spouse to be polishing his masculinity. again all this act encourage another evil of the society  i.e. domestic torture.

the basic reasons behind domestic torture is alcoholism and the sheer wish to dominate the spouse besides the patriarchal mentality of male superiority plays a vital role. all these above factors add to the evils that might be suppressed in some parts but are yet growing their roots in secrecy .

a lot more is yet to be said , but let those come up in the other section of it………..

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