Daily Prompt: Discover

via Daily Prompt: Discover

soul of love!

we hear people from different walks of life ,trying to achieve goals , conquer dreams , and manipulate situations and people around them. there are people , who do good to others but are exploited by some wizard minded. in what ever the situation a person may be, but, all are running a never ending race that , though come to a pause after a person’s death , but begins again with his / her rebirth on the earth. but in all this, what ever we are up to, we though attain things of our desire and , though pretend to live the most lavish life ever , but the most important word is overlooked by all, and that is “discover”!

we forget to discover ourselves, we forget to discover our true desire and get mingled and confined to the materialistic world only.

everything apart from our aspiration is blurred before our vision, and even if not , we willingly turn a blind eye to it.

rise up! rise up from “I me and myself” ,look to the world with a newly acquired vision, which has no discrimination on any ground.

love all beings with an open heart with wanting nothing in return . harvest love in your heart and let  every drop of darkness escape your soul , so that you may be an enlighten being!

a soul of love!

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