life of a pen.

when people come across  “journey of life “, they think it basically begins at it’s genesis . but what if we talk about  a pen’s life ?  you don’t certainly  think that it begins in a factory.

hello there ! I am Rick, I am a pen , and I am here to narrate you my journey of life as yet.

well let’s begin from the absolute beginning of  me coming into being.

like all the other man made stuff I even came into being in a factory.

when the hot molten plastic is poured into a mould to give me a body shape , that is probably when the first  step towards my existence is taken. thereafter , a very skilled man obviously extremely skilled at his work gently takes me out of the mould , careful enough not to hurt me .though all my senses were not yet kept in place , but the intense love and dedication of the man could be felt very well by me.

the second step was , when the bottom cap , with a refill and my hear was fitted . now I can  see, sense and feel my surrounding even better. then I was placed on the conveyer belt along with my siblings and cousins, and we were made to travel a short distance after which we all slide down into a container which was then carried by a man and was placed on a table nearby. there came the most ravishing point in my life , a bunch of lovely dedicated people we providing us with our caps. well, as humans you may not understand the value of a cap for a pen though , but , to us is seems the most privileged part .with our caps we certainly feel so very safe and protected and to me it’s like one of the privileges I am blessed with!

thereafter, each one of us were packed into different packing and were together placed in a carton which was sealed close after a while. inside the carton my anxiety , and excitement was reaching heights . I could hear the honking of the vehicles , though was not aware as to what they were which certainly tend to enhance my excitement of the outer  world that I was to experience in a while. after a moment we experienced a sudden jolt and after a couple of minutes I felt myself being lifted.

In sometime I could hear some fidgeting going on with the surface of the box , and then one of the most awaited moment of my life came …….the box was certainly open and a new face beamed from the top. he could have been my new  and first owner! I thought .

but no! he was the medium through whom I will reach my destiny, as he was a shopkeeper , who kept me on his shop for sale. 3-4 days pass I was still anxiously waiting to meet my fate though, but somewhere within I had started to diminish with my hopes .

after a long wait for about a week, the day finally arrived! the day I had been longing for. a young man, well dressed and well kempt hair came at the shop and instantly picked me ones as I laid my eyes on him , I somehow instantly fell in love with him and heart to heart started to prayer that he buys me. an my prayer was certainly granted. he bought me!

to me, I personally feel that a pen’s life actually happens to have a purpose then and only then, when a man worthy of it has it. and for me , this day , as I feel from my heart and soul has arrived.

as the day  passed I realised apart from being a renowned and loved professor he is a profound writer. whenever any of his literary work was credited or honoured , he used to bestow his affection towards me even more, giving me the soul credit for it. he use to place me in his shirts pocket keeping me close to his heart and making me realise my importance in his life every now and then and from their I use to stair the world with intense pride.

on one fateful day ,when one of his literary work was being credited on a relatively higher stage , and applause were intensely bestowed on him, one of his students approached him seeking his advice on his writing and also read a piece of his writing to him to which he was so moved that as a token of appreciation he gifted me to him saying ” this is my lucky pen and has earned me a lot of name , I hope it turns out to be lucky for you too.”

at this statement we parted off as to never meet again and we actually didn’t.

this man with whom I am presently staying is a man with envious nature . though he has not disrespected me on other sense and has provided me place in his prime pen stand , yet his writings are to probably to do wrong to people and for which he uses me .

on usual  days when I don’t have much use for him I stare out of the window and wonder how my place had been occupied by some other pen in my previous friends life , but for me , no one on earth could capture the void for him in my heart!


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