Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

“there you are! ”

“where had you been since the morning sweetheart?” said john Adams , as he sees his daughter enter the main door ,running towards him with her arms wide spread.

“out with granny to the enchanted zoo.” said Gilly  in reply to her father’s question.

” oh , so was it productive?” , in a sweet chirping voice she replies” yes! quite.”

it was Sunday morning , the very day Gilly  has been preparing for with her heart and soul. it was her day to give a speech on “life of animals in zoo” . she was participating in  a competition that was held every month  by the local community to enhance the speaking skills and help get over with their stage fear for toddlers to primary school flocks. it was Gilly’s first time , and being an eight year old , she was very enthusiastic with it.

it was probably 10 in the morning when the competition began , and approximately half an hour later it was Gilly’s turn. she gave an impressive speech on her experience that she gained from the visit , and it was really appreciated , and to her surprise she even had acquired the second position in it. very happy at her small achievement which was certainly equivalent to moving mountains for her she was heading back home with her granny. in the mean while , while walking on footpath  her eyes came across her father who was standing across the road waving towards her and gesturing her and her granny to move towards him.

on seeing john , Gilly’s excitement doubled by quite a fold , and in her excitement she shook her hands free from ;her granny’s grips and rushed towards her father. the street was madon’s square , one of the busiest streets of the town though ,being  Sunday the rush was quite low. as Gilly rushed through the streets towards her father a rashly driven vehicle coming from the left side , hit her so hard that she flew in the air quite a feet high and hit the ground with a loud thud with blood spilling out vigorously from her head which has banged on the ground.

she though was taken immediately to the nearby hospital but couldn’t be saved . the driver of the car met  a similar fate though ,yet after post-mortem it was discovered that he was intensely under the influence of alcohol and hence lost controlled over his vehicle and resulted into the sudden mishap.

though loosing his only beloved daughter after his loved wife in the span of two years was equal to an havoc in his small world ,yet, john Adams made it the goal of his life  to work in protest of “drink and drive ” events so that no  more has to lose their loved ones in such terrible mishaps.

john Adams  has lead to awareness campaigns regarding the same issues, introduces rally in protest of the same , and has opened an authorised organisations which help the family who suffers the similar sort of fate certainly in the memory of his daughter!

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