Daily Prompt: Vanish

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

“it’s your problem if you don’t understand the situation”, I tried to keep my point dominantly over the cell phone, but my statement was over dominated instantly from the other side. a stubborn adamant and heavy male voice yelled at me  saying ” you may willingly go to hell, sick and tired of you practically!”, beep beep , and the call was disconnected.

I threw my phone on  the bed , and got myself placed at an edge of the bed with my head held down towards the floor. all the memories of the time spent by us together came rushing into my mind as though I was watching a motion picture .slowly after a while my head began to become heavy, and reluctant to take the pressure any more I decided to go out for a stroll and take in some fresh air.

it was 5o’clock in the evening, mostly a time when there is crowd everywhere outdoors .from parks to cafes , to library everywhere we can think of. but west wood church is the place or apptly said the graveyard behind  the church is my place of solitude.

waving hi to the watchman of the graveyard, who has probably become quite familiar to me in the last few days , may be weeks, I entered from the gates and head towards the statue of an angel that was built somewhere at the rare corners of the yard . reaching there I stared at the statue for some time and then got my self seated on it’s base with my back at the statue.

while I was engrossed in my thoughts, a slugged voice shook me out of them ” how long do you plan to be here ? until  you make to one of those open graves out there girl!” . I opened my eyes at ones  and before me there stood a man almost completely drunk with bottle of liquor in his hand dangling by his side. as I was staring at him he said ” the guy whom you think loved you with heart and soul actually had a purpose to serve in your life , that he is done with , and hence it’s time for him to leave . let him go .  do not  long for him as  your future has best for you in it’s womb “. I stared at him even harder and astonished at the same time . I could not make out as to how the person discovered my dilemma without me even telling him a word about it.

then he started to walk towards the bushes behind me with his bottle of liquor dangling by his side . i suddenly realised that though I want to speak and yell and ask him all about it , my lips are not willing to move a bit. even my body had turned so stiff that I feel that I have been paralysed by all my senses.

with the enigma of the situation suddenly my eyes open, before me lay nothing but the same old graveyard that I am familiar with . I almost jumped up off my seat and looked all around for the man I had seen , but now he seemed to have vanished into the thin air.

on seeing me desperate the watchman comes to me asking if I am all right and hence , it was from him that I learnt that I had been sleeping all this while and lay absolutely motionless at the base of that statue. and to my surprise I now feel quite light and drained out of the frustration.

I never figured out as to who he was , but who so ever he was came to me as an angel and vanish all my grieves with the flick of his fingers


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